Looking After Your Home in Freezing Weather

With people being urged to be home by early afternoon today (Thursday) and stay indoors until Friday noon due to the Status Red alert has been issued for the entire country, it’s a good opportunity to ensure that you get ahead of any problems that may arise in your home due to the cold weather.

  • Everyone dreads pipe freezes.  If it happens it’s essential you act quickly to stop it bursting. Turn off the water, run the taps to drain the system and try your best to locate the blockage (you may need to call a plumber if you have difficulty).  If you’re able to locate it, thaw the area with a hot water bottle or hairdryer (be extremely careful with electrics near water!).
  • If you don’t get it in time and your pipe bursts, turn the water off immediately to drain the system and switch off all electrics and call a plumber.
  • It’s vital that you photograph any damage if you need to make a claim with your home insurance provider.
  • Outside the home ensure to keep paths and driveways clear to prevent accidents, and where possible try to sprinkle salt, ash or sand to add grip.
  • If you live on a street, try your best to keep pavements safe by clearing the area outside your home.  This will help you and others.
  • If your home has low roofs, be careful of snow build ups.  Where possible, remove snow from low roofs with an extendable brush to stop it sliding off and causing injury.

To find out a bit more, have  a read of Aviva’s Winter Checklist, it will help you and your family stay safe over the next few days.

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