Zurich Insurance plc (COVID-19 Updates)

(at 27/03/20)

COVID-19 Customer service update

For the safety of our employees, customers and the wider community, we have implemented social distancing and remote working. We would like to reassure you that we are open for business and will be prioritising key customer transactions during this time. Our customer service and claims lines are open for business as usual.

How we are helping our personal customers in need

While our new working environment presents new challenges in how we service and provide solutions for our customers and partners, we ask customers and their Insurance Brokers to continue to engage with us. We are committed to helping you and our mutual customers through these challenging times. Insurance policies can vary a lot. But for the period of Covid-19 we are providing meaningful solutions for our personal customers and brokers in this uncertain time. We particularly want to support our customers on the front line helping fight against Covid-19.

Finance Flexibility

We are committed to being flexible and working with customers on a case by case basis. If you experience financial difficulties paying for your insurance as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, we provide:

  • Flexible direct debit payment plans.
  • No direct debit
Car Insurance Customers
  • Extending your renewal by 28 days so you’ve more time to work through your options.
  • Covering temporary drivers for up to 60 days free of charge.
  • Extending foreign travel cover up to 60 days if you’re unable to return to Ireland due to travel restrictions.
Cover has been extended for customers using their vehicles supporting the national emergency effort during Covid-19.
  • Cover has been extended beyond the standard social, domestic and pleasure use for healthcare workers, front line staff and to those volunteering to support the Covid-19 crisis. For example using your vehicle to deliver essential supplies to the vulnerable and elderly within your community.
Priority claims service for all front line and health care workers to ensure mobility is maintained.
  • Prioritised breakdown assist.
  • Extended car hire where the customer experiences garage delays.
  • Fast track claims settlement.
Home Insurance Customers
  • Extending your renewal by 28 days so you’ve more time to work through your options.
  • Automatic cover to facilitate home working.
  • Ongoing access to our 24/7 Emergency Assistance Helpline 1890 208 408.
Travel Insurance Customers
  • Cancellation cover where there is a travel restriction in place 14 days prior to your travel date if a refund is not available through your travel providers.
  • Curtailment cover for essential travel once you don’t travel against the advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs or the World health Organisation.”

(at 25/03/20)

“How we are helping our business customers in need

For Commercial Property Customers –Maintaining full cover

Although your premises may no longer be occupied, the risk of something happening, like pipes bursting, can increase.

If you’ve had to close temporarily due to Covid-19, we will continue to apply full cover once you (the business or property owner) take appropriate precautions to secure the premises.

If the premises remains unoccupied for more than 30 days, you will need to turn off all utilities, like turning off water at the mains, and take extra measures to protect the premises. If your buildings already have reduced cover, not Covid-19 related, your cover will stay as it is, it will not increase.

We will review the situation as it develops with you and rest assured, we will work in partnership with you.

For SME ‘Multi-Peril’ (Tradestar) Customers –Liability premium refunds

The premium you pay is based on how much you insure your buildings and fixtures and fittings for. So while you may no longer be operating from the premises, the ‘exposure’ remains the same. This means it is important you keep cover in place on your buildings and fixtures and fittings.

We will give you a refund on the liability element of your premium where your business has closed or your trade is significantly reduced. Any refund will assume you are closed for a two month period. Liability cover generally represents about 30% of your overall premium.

To qualify, you will have had no liability claims for the last 12 months, confirm the position of the business to us in writing, and take appropriate precautions to secure the premises and turn off all utilities as needed.

For Commercial Motor Customers – Refunds for vehicles no longer in use

We will give up to 75% of the premium back, on a pro-rata basis for the period of COVID-19, for any commercial motor fleet vehicles no longer in use due to reduced business activity. This assumes a two month period of reduced activity. We will need confirmation of which vehicles are no longer ‘on the road’ and the fleet must have a good claims experience in the current year of insurance, that is, a ‘loss ratio’ of less than 70%.

To qualify for an immediate return of up to 75% of premium, you must let your broker know in writing or by email which vehicles you intend taking off the road. These vehicles will have Fire & Theft only cover while off the road and they should be securely and safely parked in a non-public place.

If your policy is due to renew in the next three months, you can use your ‘annual declaration’ to tell us about any reduced activity as normal.

For Customers With Liability Cover –Premium refunds for reduced risk

Employers Liability

If your cover is due before June and not already renewed, we can review how your premium is calculated, things like the number of employees you have and your wage roll, and change the premium accordingly.

If your cover is due to renew after June, we will amend the premium when you return to work and provide updated projections. We will revise the minimum premium and deposit subject to a maximum alteration of 10%.

Public Liability

The risk associated from the number of people visiting a premises will have reduced significantly. We will apply the same measures outlined for Employers Liability cover to these cases also.

We will hold back 15% of the premium due back to cover any residual risks that may remain like trespass.

Refund premiums for both Employers and Public Liability are subject to a ‘loss ratio’ of less than 70% in the current year of insurance.

Extra ways we are helping our business customers affected by Covid-19
  • Flexible direct debit payment plans.
  • No direct debit fees for missed payments.
  • Extended credit terms afforded to affected customers’ brokers.
  • Flexibility to provide us with post-dated cheques for payment.Important

You should take time to read your Policy Document(s), Schedule(s), Endorsement(s) and Certificate(s) to give context to the special provisions contained in this document. As the situation develops, we may extend or revise these arrangements.

This document applies only to business originating in Ireland and placed locally with Zurich Insurance in Ireland.”

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