Specialised Underwriting Services Ltd. t/a SUS (COVID-19 Updates)

(At 24/04/20)

“Further to our email of the 1st April 2020 we are delighted to advise we have agreed a further concession with Ironshore for May renewals.
Any policies falling due for renewal between 1st May and 31st May 2020 and currently closed due to COVID-19 we will offer a 30 day extension, free of charge, subject to the policy being claim free for the last 12 months.”

(at 01/04/20)

“COVID – 19 – Safescheme Policies
We are living in unprecedented times and the biggest risk at the moment is the unknown.

SUS Ltd have been working tirelessly with Insurers over the last number of days to achieve the best outcome we can for you and your clients and we can confirm the following. Regrettably as we are dealing with 2 different Insurers it has taken longer than we wished but hopefully the outcomes will offer some relief to you and your clients: The undernoted measures are what is available at the moment but we are continuing to work to improve on them.

Effective 27th March 2020:

Policies currently on cover with Ironshore (Europe) DAC. We are in 12 month run off cover with Ironshore (Europe) DAC since 18th August 2019:

1) Any policy currently closed due to COVID-19. We can offer a refund of premium (on the trading risk element of the premium) for the duration of the closure subject to a maximum of 60 days and subject to the policy being claims free in the current period of insurance. This is the only concession that Ironshore has made.

Policies due for renewal in the next 30 days and not currently closed under Government guidelines:

We can incept cover with QIC Europe Ltd as follows:

1) We can offer a short period renewal of 3 months.

2) At the end of the 3 month period we can offer a further period of 9 or 12 months.

Policies currently insured with QIC Europe Ltd i.e. renewals and New Business from 19/8/2019:

1) Closure of Premises due to Covid 19 restrictions

At the expiry of the current period of cover we will provide, free of charge, an extension to the current period up to a maximum of 60 days if the premises was closed due to Government guidelines. Alternatively we can offer a return premium for suspension of the trading risk.

2) Cover for the following is excluded when a Premises is empty or not in use. We will write this cover back in whilst closed due to Government guidelines subject to a maximum period of 60 days

Escape of Water from any tank, apparatus or pipe
Accidental Escape of Water from any automatic Sprinkler installation
Theft or attempted Theft – subject to an Excess of 15% of any loss,
Accidental Breakage of fixed glass
We do however need you to advise your clients they must observe the following:

a) All Money must be removed from the Premises
b) All waste/refuse and combustible materials are removed from the Premises
c) Premises are secured against unlawful entry
d) Conduct a deep-clean of any Deep Fat Frying & Cooking Equipment
e) Ensure all services are disconnected at the mains except electricity where needed to maintain any fire or intruder alarm systems and any freezers and fridges
f) Premises are checked at least weekly by the Insured or a responsible adult, with a view to carrying out any work necessary, unless there is a Government requirement that persons must remain at their own home.
g) A record of compliance with above should be maintained by the Insured away from the business premises and must be made available to Insurers if required.
Miscellaneous: QIC Europe Ltd only:
1) New Business

We can offer a short first period of cover of 3 months.

2) Premium payment terms

Are increased from 30 to 60 days

3) Liability Extension

If your client decides to deliver food or drink during this current crisis we will cover this additional activity provided that:

1) Delivery is by own staff and not sub contracted

2) Government guidelines on social distancing are strictly adhered to

3) Any Liability required under road traffic legislation within Ireland or the EU is specifically excluded.

4) All food is prepared at the Business address specified in the Schedule.

We will continue to work on behalf of you and your clients as we have done for the last 25 years.

All of the above are initial changes and we will review them constantly as this current dreadful situation develops.

We welcome your comments and any other changes that we might consider.”

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