RSA Insurance Ireland DAC (COVID-19 Updates)

At 02/04/2020:



Normal procedures for notifying claims apply. Please contact Hastings to report your claim

Emergency Repairs

The following services have been included on the list of essential service providers under new public health guidelines: Delivery of emergency services to businesses and homes on an emergency call-out basis in areas such as electrical, plumbing, glazing and roofing.

Your customers should be able to avail of emergency repair services to minimise loss or damage. Emergency assist remains available and your customers should continue to use this service where required.

Loss Adjuster Inspections

We have revised the thresholds for Loss Adjuster inspections to minimise the need for physical inspections. Where physical inspections are required, these will be carried out in a way which mitigates the likelihood of infection.

Our Loss Adjusters are taking all appropriate measures, in line with HSE guidance, to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Commercial Lines

Change in Activity and Use of Premises by the HSE

We are aware that many businesses are offering support to the HSE or are being asked to provide assistance. We are doing our best to offer support to these businesses and will continue to do so.

A change in activity must be referred to us (e.g. a distiller making hand sanitiser or a clothing manufacture making hospital scrubs) with proposals on how the change will be accommodated. This is to ensure that the change in activity does not increase the risk of fire or impact employee safety.

We will consider these changes on a case by case basis and, given the exceptional circumstances, will do our best to accommodate the change without a change in terms and conditions.

If the provision of support simply involves employees and / or the use of premises for contact tracing, this does not need to be referred to us, but your clients must ensure they are able to follow the government and HSE guidelines on social distancing.

If the provision of support involves employees and / or the use of premises for testing or the treatment of patients, an indemnity must be sought from the HSE. A COVID-19 exclusion will apply but there will be no increase in rate.

Updated RSA position: Unattended Properties

Cover will continue to apply without additional premium or restriction to your clients who have followed government advice to close their premises temporarily.

There is no requirement to notify us of a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, where it is possible to notify us, doing so would be most appreciated.

We recognise that it might not be feasible to disconnect utilities and therefore this is no longer a requirement. We would ask that, if permissible, all trade waste is removed, windows and shutters are kept securely locked, and premises are checked at least weekly.

The above relates to where premises have closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If any premises were already vacant or become vacant for another reason restrictions and conditions will still apply. Please contact us if your client cannot comply with these conditions.

Working from home

We know that many employers have already arranged for employees to work remotely from home. If so:

  • Under a household policywe know that liability cover is excluded for “You or members of Your Household”
  • Working from home is not excluded under an Employer’s Liability policy
  • Employers and employees have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and practises at home
  • To help support you, we have produced a Risk Management Guide and Remote Working Assessment Checklist, which set out some reasonable actions employers and employees can take
Exposure Changes, Review of Premiums, and Refunds

We will consider providing a refund or adjusting premiums for businesses impacted directly by COVID-19, in particular where businesses have temporarily closed. If you have a specific case you wish to discuss, please contact the underwriter or your Key Account Manager.”

(at 24/03/20):

“We hope that you, your family, and your colleagues are all keeping safe and well during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

Like many businesses, the majority of our staff are now working remotely, but we are still here to support you. You can find information on how to contact our teams on our website.

We apologise for any delays in service you may experience during this time. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated as we work together to look after your customers.

We understand that you need clarity and a bit more flexibility at this time.

We’d like to give you an update on the arrangements we’ve put in place. As the situation develops, we may extend or revise these arrangements.

Operational Issues

Renewals where instruction has not been received

We understand that it may be difficult to contact some of your clients during this time. In order to allow you sufficient time to contact your customers the following changes have been made.

Personal lines
We are extending the auto-lapse period for our home and motor EDI policies to 28 days. Changes to the OGI and Applied platforms are being made to facilitate this.

Commercial lines
Where no renewal instruction has been received, we will hold cover for a period of 28 days. Cover will lapse from renewal date after the 28-day grace period unless otherwise agreed.

This flexibility cannot apply to Fleet policies with a UK exposure as RSA are obliged to have policy data on the MID within 14 days of the renewal. For Fleet policies with a UK exposure we will therefore assume the policy has renewed unless advised to the contrary prior to the renewal date.

Cancellations and exposure changes

Where a client cancels a policy mid-term we will consider a refund. This position holds for next 28 days.

We will consider providing a refund or adjusting policies on a case by case basis for businesses impacted directly by COVID-19 and, in particular where businesses are temporarily closed. If you have a specific case you wish to discuss, please contact the underwriter or your key account manager.

Issuing motor fleet or private motor certs directly to customers

We have received some enquiries about issuing fleet or private motor certs directly to customers. Unfortunately, operationally we can’t facilitate this en-masse, but we will endeavour to facilitate individual requests as far as possible based on circumstances involved.


Normal claims procedures apply. Please see our website for contact details.


Unattended properties

We would like to assure you that premises which are temporarily closed because of Covid-19 restrictions won’t incur additional premium or any restriction in cover provided your affected clients:

  1. keep all gas and water mains supplies disconnected
  2. keep all electricity mains supplies disconnected (unless to supply an intruder or fire alarm system)
  3. keep all windows and shutters securely locked
  4. check on the premises at least weekly (both internally and externally) if permissible
    remove all trade waste
  5. You must still advise us if a premises has been closed for business even on a temporary basis.

If any premises insured by RSA and belonging to or used by your client were already vacant or become vacant from another reason restrictions and conditions will still apply.

Please advise your clients as soon as possible as to these requirements.

Business Interruption

Business interruption cover will be determined on a case by case basis based on the policy wording applicable and individual circumstances which at this stage continue to evolve. Business Interruption cover might apply as a result of the closure of the policyholder’s premises on the order or advice of a local or governmental authority as a result of an outbreak or occurrence of Covid-19 at the premises

Cessation of works clause: Contract works policies

There will be no restriction in cover or additional charge under the Cessation of Works clause, provided your client has secured the site by:

  • erecting hoarding around the site
  • carrying out visits to the site internally and externally on a weekly basis (if permissible) or
    putting 24-hour security on site (if permissible).
  • You must still advise us if a site has been closed even on a temporary basis.
Other initiatives
  • We’re keen to support health care workers and volunteers who have mobilised to help others in their communities. We would like to reassure these customers that they will not incur additional insurance costs during the crisis for issues such as:
  • Use of personal vehicle in the course of healthcare work
  • Use of personal vehicle for delivery of food and essential items to the elderly or vulnerable in our communities
  • Prioritise the repair / mobility of healthcare and emergency worker vehicles”
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