Imperium Insurance Management Ltd. t/a iSure Underwriting (COVID-19 Updates)

At 02/04/20

“We also appreciate that your clients’ needs support and with that in mind we are offering the following –

  • On our commercial products, where the premises may no longer be occupied due to Covid – 19, we are maintaining full cover for 60 days and will review again closer to the 60 day limit. We would expect you to turn water off at the mains and take extra measures to protect the business.
  • On our commercial products, we will allow up to 14 days grace period on renewals to afford you the time to get in contact with your client and discuss their needs for the year ahead. Please also refer to us if you need any extra time.
  • We will allow pro rata refunds on policies where you feel you need to cancel, however we would advise against this approach as cover may still be necessary for certain aspects of your client’s business. “
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