AIG Europe SA (COVID-19 Updates)

At 26/03/2020:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, AIG remains focused on protecting the health and safety of our colleagues and those around us, as well as continuing to serve clients, policyholders, business partners and other stakeholders

AIG is open for business. The company has activated its Business Continuity Plans and colleagues across our General Insurance business remain available to help meet the needs of clients and other business partners with both in-force and new business. Our call centers also remain accessible to provide support and information.

Helping individuals, businesses and communities prepare for times of uncertainty is at the heart of what we do. We are closely monitoring this evolving situation and will continue to provide updates.

Here is an update on the actions we have taken to continue to provide our clients, partners & policyholders with the excellent service and support that defines our company:

  • We have activated work from home strategies where feasible to protect the health and safety of our colleagues while ensuring continuity of client services.
  • Our underwriting risk framework remains in effect and our underwriting capacity is fully available to meet our clients and distribution partners’ demands.
  • Our call centers are open and providing our clients, partners and policyholders with support and information in response to questions about covered claims related to COVID-19, including guidance on actual and potential losses that may be covered under our policies.
  • To address the unprecedented call volume in certain lines of business, such as Travel, we have and will continue to add capacity to support your needs.
  • AIG’s guiding principle is that we will continue to honor the terms and conditions of our insurance policies.

AIG understands that this is a difficult time for many of our personal and business insurance customers and we are committed and dedicated to addressing your questions and concerns during this unprecedented time. As such, we have implemented a number of measures which include:

For SME Business Customers

Working from Home

Remote working and Working from Home has become a feature of the Covid-19 crisis. This can increase accidents in an environment where company risk management procedures are absent. AIG waives its standard conditions regarding working from home for the duration of the crisis.

Property Insurance

Many businesses are closed due to Covid-19 and are not trading. These properties can pose an increased insurance risk, in particular an increased fire risk and burglary risk. Also when manufacturing process is being restarted, exposure can be increased. We are asking all clients to discuss their exposures with their brokers and AIG contacts. AIG’s view is we will look at these risks on a case by case basis to see what measures are in place regarding protections and security. We will make every effort to maintain cover at existing levels.

Business Interruption

In relation to Business Interruption cover, standard business insurance policies are designed and priced to cover business interruption risks resulting from an insured physical damage to insured Property. Those are typically Fire, Explosion, Machinery Breakdown, Natural Catastrophe scenarios. AIG’s policies are not designed to cover Business Interruption from closure by authorities resulting from a non-physical damage event such as Covid-19. Some AIG policies might provide some exceptional and specific non-standard cover extension, where Covid-19 occurs in an insured location and the location is closed by an authorized Government Agency. Businesses should check the scope of their particular cover with their broker and AIG contact.


For Commercial Combined policies – where wages and turnover are required for premium calculations for SME’s that are impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak and Government restrictions, we will be flexible on providing a return premium or credit in response to reduced exposure. Please contact your insurance broker and AIG contact.


Subject to no claims and or notifications in the current period of insurance, we will allow a pro-rata return premium on cancelled SME policies.

Group Travel Policies

Corporates and associations typically buy travel insurance from AIG for their employees/members through brokers. Please contact your broker is you have questions on the scope of the cover under these policies.

Even when circumstances create challenges, our commitment and dedication to you remain the same.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

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