Planning on Driving to College this year…

Tips to reduce the cost of car insurance for first time drivers

The summer holidays are nearing an end and in the coming weeks many of you will be driving back to college or perhaps making the journey for the first time. You might even have decided to commute. With remote attendance now playing a major role in the college year, having a car is a possible alternative to accommodation costs.

  1. Many insurance companies take named driver experience into account when you’re applying for your first insurance policy in your own name. Don’t forget to tell us if you’ve been named on someone’s policy, this can help reduce the price.
  2. The engine size of the car that you want to drive can have an impact on your car insurance premium. In most instances, a car with a lower powered engine tends to have cheaper insurance.  
  3. This might sound obvious but the safer the location of your car, the lower your premium will be. So if you have a driveway, use it and state this on your form – don’t just park your car on the road. Similarly, use your garage if you have one – you’ll reduce the risk of theft that way. Adding an immobiliser, alarm and tracker to your car will also reduce the chance of it being stolen and therefore bring your premium down.

First time driver car insurance at a reasonable rate can be hard to find. At Hastings Insurance Brokers we’d love to help get you on the road and get you the right policy for your needs. We also have the added advantage of searching multiple insurers to find value for your money. Call us today on 0818-911-222 or email

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