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The day has arrived, you have finally decided that you are going to take the plunge and you are going to start learning how to drive. Beginning this journey is an exciting milestone, especially for young drivers gearing up for their first time behind the wheel. In Ireland, the process of obtaining a driver’s license involves passing a theory test, completing 12 driving lessons, and, of course, the nerve-wracking driving test.

Getting Started:

So where do you start? The first step is to start studying for your theory test. The theory test is designed to assess an individual’s understanding of the rules of the road, traffic signs, and overall knowledge of driving theory. The test is usually a combination of multiple-choice questions and common driving scenarios. There are lots of great resources to help you study for your theory test, including a book which you can purchase from the Driver Theory Test website or you can download an app on your mobile.

For more information and resources regarding the theory test you can visit the Driver Theory Test website.

Once you pass the theory test, you will receive your provisional license and then the exciting part begins, you can now book your driving lessons and get behind the wheel!

Driving Lessons:

Learning how to drive can be daunting. In Ireland, it is necessary to complete 12 driving lessons with a qualified instructor before you are able to book your driving test (Of course you can take as many lessons as you would like after the mandatory 12 are completed). Each lesson will give you the chance to gain a better understanding of road safety, the rules of the road, and give you the opportunity to practice your driving skills.

First Time Driving Jitters:

It’s entirely normal for first-time drivers to be nervous. You may have a fear of making a mistake during the driving test, or anxiety when dealing with traffic. Try to remain calm and take a deep breath. Lots of practice will help ease your nerves and allow you to build up your confidence as a driver.  

YouTube is a great place to find videos that can be useful when preparing for your driving test. There are lots of videos on rules of the road and ‘what to do’ during specific driving scenarios. We recommend checking out Dane Tyghe. He has lots of helpful videos with tips and tricks to help you pass your driving test and become more knowledgeable about the rules of the road.

Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Ireland:

One of the most important considerations for young drivers in Ireland is car insurance. Insurance premiums for inexperienced drivers can be higher due to lack of driving experience. That’s why it is crucial for young drivers to shop around for the best deals. Here at Hastings Insurance, our advisors work hard to shop around for you! They will compare plans with 17 different insurance providers to make sure that they find the best policy for you.

Although your aim may be to find the cheapest car insurance, it is important to think about the type of cover you would need in case of an incident. Would you like breakdown assistance or windscreen repair? Our advisors will walk you through all of the additional add-ons to your insurance policy, and from there, they will ensure you get the best policy to suit your needs.

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We wish you the best on your journey, learning how to drive!

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