Happy International Women’s Day!

Each year we discuss how to celebrate International Women’s Day in a way that is meaningful for women, not only in Hastings but also in society as a whole. Last year we made a donation on behalf of the women of Hastings to a charity supporting displaced women and children as a result of the war in Ukraine, something that had just occurred at the time.

This year we are aligning our celebration of women with the sponsorship of an up and coming Irish female athlete, Hilary Hughes. Hilary is an Mayo born Female Long Distance Professional Triathlete, and is currently the Middle Distance National Champion (3 years running), has achieved two podium finishes at the amateur Ironman World Championships and after just one year as a professional triathlete, ranks 167th in the Professional Triathlon Organisation Global Rankings.

Hilary is a fantastic role model for women in sport, but beyond this is an example of what can be achieved with the right life balance – Outside of her sporting career, Hilary is a qualified doctor, a director with Carraig Donn and a Delegation Health Registration Assistant with Special Olympics.

Hilary’s sole focus this year is to qualify for the 2023 Ironman World Championships which takes place in Kona, Hawaii in October. It is Hilary’s (and our) hope that she will qualify and where she does, Hilary will proudly wear the Hastings logo on her back as she leaves her competitors behind her. You can follow Hilary on Instagram HERE. We will be following Hilary’s progress closely and hope you do too.

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